The facility comprises of the following:

1. Three independently lockable Store Rooms for storage of chemicals and inflammable material. The area is finished in an epoxy coated floor, fitted with explosive proof light fittings, subdivided by means of framed galvanized mesh screens and accessed by means of a ramp through a 2hr fire rated door. In the event of a fire the fresh air intake louvers are automatically shut and the smoke extracted.

2. A Tank Store housing 2 x 4500 liter tanks.  The tanks are interconnected to receive chemical waste discarded at the wash troughs and are fitted with a sensor which will send warning signals to the client and the maintenance subcontractor when the tanks reach 75% capacity in order for arrangements for emptying can be made.

3. The store is located above A Bund Area with a volume of 10 000 liters. In the event of an accident of whatever kind, the bund will be able to accommodate the entire content of both tanks from where the waste can be pumped out. The walls and floor of this area is finished in an epoxy coating.

4. An External Service Area. The area is fitted with 4 x wash troughs and a shower located within a sloped granolithic finished catchment area. Containers  and tools used for mixing of chemicals is to be washed in the troughs with the effluent being washed through a  catchpit fitted with a mesh basket before flowing into a second catchpit fitted with an electrically operated pump. From here effluent is pumped into the tanks. The shower is for use in the event of the need arising for chemical spills to be rinsed off the body.

Both the chemical store rooms and the tank store are mechanically ventilated by means of spark proof fans which run permanently.