CTFS offers 8745 m² (94130 ft²) of high specification soundproof stages spread over five buildings.


Stage Size



Gantry Height

Stage 1 2100 m² (22 600 ft²) 54.5m (179 ft) 38.5m (126 ft) 15m (49.2 ft)
Stage 2 1850 m² (19 910 ft²) 51.18m (168 ft) 35.9m (118 ft) 12m (39.4 ft)
Stage 3 1200 m² (12 910 ft²) 31.1m (102 ft) 38.5m (126 ft) 12m (39.4 ft)
Stage 4 1850 m² (19 910 ft²) 51.18m (168 ft) 35.9m (118 ft) 12m (39.4 ft)
Stage 5 1745 m² (18 735ft²) 54.275m (178 ft) 30m (98.4 ft) 12m (39.4 )ft

Sound Rating for Stages

A 55DB sound rating for all sound stages assures uninterrupted workflow regardless of weather, traffic, aircraft noise and outside manufacturing.


Reinforced concrete surface beds to facilitate free movement of 20T trucks or 10T fork-lifts or placement of 5 m high water tanks. All concrete floors are sealed with super-hard lithium sulphate C2.


The walls comprises of 150mm thick concrete panels fixed to GMS structure. The internal wall is lined with 25mm Thermocoustex insulation. Internal steel grids allow sets to be anchored to the walls and provide rigging options for fly-cameras and advanced rigging structures.


There are two means of entering the sound stage: they consist of two elephant doors (each 5000mm x 5000mm) and four personal sound locks. All doors have been fitted with panic hardware and are the exit routes should a fire break out in the stage.

Cable Ports

As an extra convenience there are three double cable port facilities located on three sides of the stage building.

Catwalk and Gantry Grid Network

  • A large number of 1200mm wide catwalk platforms have been created to allow light riggers and various other personal to access any part of the stage with ease while setting up the various stages.
  • The platforms have been designed to carry a live load of 150kg/m².
  • The handrails can accommodate standard scaffolding brackets every 2 m that can support a 100kg load cantilevering 750mm.
  • At platform level, the kick angles are suitable for clamping brackets that have to support equipment required in the film industry.
  • Under the catwalks 1.8t (point load) capacity crawl beams at 3 m centre over the full length of the stage have been fixed to the main girders.
  • Hoist lifts (1 ton capacity) installed in all stages are able to accommodate motorized chain lifts.

Roof and Ceiling Component

  • The roof is constructed to cater for specific sound insulation requirements.
  • All internal surfaces of sound stages have been acoustically treated to minimise sound reverberation.

Sound Lock

  • A Sound Lock connects the Support Building and Stage Area.
  • Doors have been fitted with panic hardware and are the exit routes should a fire break out in the stage.

Viewing Panel

  • The large acoustically rated viewing panel allows the support building users to view the stage at the stage operator’s discretion. This is covered by a metal fire shutter and screen blind with remote control to allow for total privacy should it be needed.
  • The metal fire shutter over the viewing panel inside the stage is to prevent a fire leaking from the stage into the support building.
  • The fire metal shutter, fitted with a fusible link, will close in the case of a fire.

Main Reticulation

A full range of electrical supply options (2.5 MVA Eskom supply and 2 x 500 KVA back-up generators).

  • All stages are supplied with 1200A through a dedicated mini sub-station.
  • The main distribution board supplies various stage DB's as well as support building sub-distribution boards.
  • All distribution boards are separately metered.
  • The facility to hook up standby generators directly to stage supply DB's is provided by a mobile generator connection panel on the external facade of the stages.

Stage 1 1 x 800A DB Stage 3 1 x 800A DB
  2 x 400A DB (Lower Level)   1 x 400A DB (Lower Level)
  2 x 400A DB (Higher Level linked)   1 x 400A DB (Higher Level linked)

Stage 2 1 x 800A DB Stage 4 1 x 800A DB
  2 x 400A DB (Lower Level)   2 x 400A DB (Lower Level)
  2 x 400A DB (Higher Level linked)   2 x 400A DB (Higher Level linked)


Stages - Small Power & Lighting

Standard 16 amps socket outlets are available in the stage areas on the perimeter walls as well as VEAM outlets capable of 400 amps and one UPS point.
General lighting is available by means of energy-efficient high-bay fittings as well as fluorescent luminaries above the catwalks.
All fluorescent luminaries are on UPS backup for emergency lighting purposes.
Light switching is by means of a “bell press” switching panel at each sound lock. The lighting is divided and switched in three zones.


Each stage building is supplied with a dedicated 40 kVA UPS.
UPS output is utilised for:

All dedicated socket outlets – First Floor
IT Rooms
Emergency Lighting (Fluorescents, Exit Signs and Sound Locks) in the stage area
Dedicated Socket Outlet in stages for sensitive equipment (16A SSO only)
Dedicated SSO’S (Cinema only)

ICT Intake Room has a dedicated 40kVA UPS

Equipment Control during a Film Shoot

A “Director’s Remote” is provided for each stage. Pressing the remote button initiates the following:

Shuts down all general lighting
Shuts down all fresh air fans, etc.
Sounder alarm indicates shoot in progress
Red beacon illuminates at all entrances
Shuts off all exit signs
Inhibits fire detection
Inhibits earth leakage units on main switches
Pressing the remote again reverses the above status.