Stage 2 (1 850 m² or 19 910 ft²) has a roof height of 17 m (65.6 ft) with a lighting gantry at 12m (39.4 ft) height with 1,5m (4.92 ft) walkways.

The lighting gantries has a hanging capacity of 150kg/m² and a point load of 1,8 tonnes.

A full range of guaranteed electrical supply options (2.5 MVA Eskom supply and 2 x 500 KVA back-up generators) and a soundproof rating of 55 DB ensure production proceeds without any interruption.


Stage 2


Stage 1 Ground Floor


Soundstage Data

Size 1 850 m² 19 910 ft²
Height to Gantry 12 m 39 ft
Length 51.18 m 168 ft
Width 35.9 m 118 ft

Ground Floor Rooms

Floors have been tiled for ease of maintenance and walls have been plastered and painted neutral colours. All rooms have air-conditioning and a large number of power and data points have been provided to allow for ease of use.

The following rooms are located on the ground floor with direct access to the stage:

  • Communications room
  • MLV room
  • Green room
  • Administration office
  • Sound lock
  • Entrance area
  • Dimmer room (with direct cable port connection to stage)
  • Male, female and disabled ablution facilities (including showers)
  • Wardrobe facilities
  • Separate Security Systems
  • Kitchen
  • Make-up room
  • 2 Fully furnished luxury Star Rooms
  • 37 Seater Cinema


First Floor Production Offices

Fully furnished carpeted office areas. All offices have air-conditioning, power and data points, telephone and wireless coverage.

Ground and first floor are connected by three staircases and one elevator for disabled persons.

The following rooms are located on the first floor:

  • Fully equipped switchboard and reception facility.
  • General office space/passage area
  • Six offices of various sizes
  • Accounts office with safe room
  • Server room
  • Janitor’s store
  • Male, female and disabled ablution facilities
  • Kitchen
  • Boardroom


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