Shoot in stunning locations, the world in one country, featuring an endless array of landscapes, architecture and scenery options like sandy beaches, modern cities, tree-lined suburbs and streets, pristine forest and plains, alpine mountain ranges, vineyards, agricultural lands, African savannah, waterfalls, safari, Karoo, bush and desert are all available within a 1-2 hour travel experience from Cape Town.


Daily sunshine of 14 hours in summer (October to March) and temperatures averaging 22-24˚C make Cape Town ideal for filming during the Northern Hemisphere winter. Cape Town’s winter (April to September) average temperatures of 10-18˚C confirms its exceptionally moderate climate for film-making.


English is universally spoken. In addition, South Africa’s diversity and Cape Town’s cosmopolitan nature ensure that most world languages are spoken.


We are home to a reputable pool of non-unionised technical, creative and business expertise gained by working on international feature films and commercials in both pre-and post-production are just waiting for your call to action. Fantastic expertise at a fraction of normal costs, amenable working hours, 6-day working weeks, 10-hour turnarounds and no premiums for Sundays, public holidays and night-shooting show how keen we are to work with you.


South Africa’s mix of ethnicities and cultures mirrors the population of the world. A world of faces in one country; English-speaking talent is well versed in North American, British and European accents; choose from a wide variety talent and best of all, is that talent deals are done on a buy-out basis with no residual fees.

World-Class Infrastructure

A superb and well-maintained road network, all modern amenities associated with big cities and a sophisticated banking system has ranked Cape Town as one of the World’s Top Five Tourist Destinations. From exotic guesthouses to spectacular luxury hotels, we have ample quality accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. A vibrant nightlife and a wide variety of top-class restaurants offering an exceptionally high standard of cuisine ensure you will enjoy your limited time away from film-shooting. And if you do have some daylight to spare, consider a tour through the Winelands, visiting our beaches or spas, playing your favourite sport or an adventure experience like shark diving.


We have a reliable fixed line (ADSL), broadband and wireless network. Mobile operators utilise the GSM system for international roaming and high-speed digital lines ensure transmission of digital files internationally within minutes.


Cape Town is linked to the world via frequent, daily, non-stop flights to and from all major international cities and is approximately 2 hours’ flight from all major cities in South Africa. Flying time is 11 hours 35 minutes from London and 14 hours 35 minutes from Atlanta. South Africa is 2 hours ahead of GMT. Cape Town Film Studios is 15 minutes’ drive from the airport and 25 minutes from the city centre. Situated in the scenic wine region, the nearest beaches and shopping malls are a 10-minute drive away. And of course, service companies are on site to handle all your requirements.


We have a network of private hospitals and healthcare facilities available for your use, staffed with highly trained healthcare professionals renowned around the world. Cape Town boasts high standards of water treatment and drinking water is available on tap.


Most major credit cards are accepted widely and currency exchange is available both at bank branches and bureaux de change. South Africa’s official currency is the Rand (R) and all banking can be done at branches, via ATMs or online.

Visas and Permits

USA, UK, EU, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian visitors do not require visas. A letter of authorisation is required for visa endorsements regarding work permits. International drivers’ licences are required for foreign visitors, but are easily and quickly obtained.


Plenty of accommodation options to suit all tastes include luxury hotel suites; spectacular 5 star lodges; exotic guesthouse; and homely bed and breakfast facilities.

Tourism and Entertainment

South Africa is one of the world’s top tourist destinations with Cape Town ranking among the world’s top five tourist destinations. Cape Town is home to an extensive matrix of international standard clubs, restaurants, resorts, gaming, sporting events and a nightlife that seems never-ending.